08 February 2014

Bird of Prey Photography Workshops 2014


It’s an exciting time for our Birds of Prey Photography Workshops. Falconer Ben Potter, who I’ve known for many years, has recently moved to a farmhouse in Newsham in the Richmondshire District. It’s everything he’s always wanted – a good location; out-buildings (including a massive barn) open fields, hedgerows and even a pretty little stream at the edge of his land. I visited a few days ago and was amazed at the work he had already done. The barn is being kitted out for his birds and conifers have been cleared to provide an open area for flying.


There are some great opportunities here for future workshops, including potential permanent set-ups for specific birds. The natural surroundings are ideal with hawthorn bushes, a beautiful stone bridge and numerous aging posts and fences to pose the birds. The barn is particularly useful as it means we always have somewhere to avoid bad weather. It’s also not a bad place for lunch!


Ben’s new home is well situated for travel – just about 6 miles from the A1 (Scotch Corner) on the A66. There’s also a hotel just up the road – ideal for staying over when travelling a long way.

Both myself and Ben are looking forward to creating some unique opportunities in 2014 and hopefully we can push the boundaries of what’s possible with these captive birds.

For further information on workshops and booking visit the Bird of Prey Photography Course web page.

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Bird of Prey Photography Workshops 2014