29 January 2009

The birds are coming

My winter feeding station is starting to get busy. There are now regular blue tits, coal tits, great tits; and my favourite the long tailed tits... these birds are just so lovely to see - they give you good warning too before they arrive - 'pinging' away as they fly towards the bird feeders. I have had up to ten, and counted a total of eight on the big bird feeder - all at the same time! When it's a group and they all begin calling, it's like a wonderful natural symphony.

I'm also getting nuthatches, jays and woodpeckers - although not as regularly. The jays are interesting... I see them skulking in the distance before they float to a perch to check things out. Once on the ground they seem quite bold as they happily hoover up the fallen peanuts. On top of that was a cracking sighting of a male sparrowhawk as he rushed through the woodland clearing - he's obviously spotted the potential for his own feeding station..!

Another cold snap is forecast, so fingers crossed for some good light..


  1. Great long tailed tit shot. I like the holly - it makes the shot a little unusual. Long tails are one of my favourite little birds.

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