30 April 2009

A little update before May

With a mixture of things including wind direction, I've yet to get in the new roe deer hide - and once into May I know things will get quieter as the females begin to give birth... Anyway, the last couple of weeks have been busy: a couple more butterfly shots (which I'm desperately short of), and two more articles commissioned for the summer.

My first craft fair at Ripley went well, and I met a number of people who were interested in my work (must take more business cards next time!). I was pleased with the number of visitors - a steady flow during the day, and a really nice bunch of people exhibiting too... Next fair is Sunday June 14th - same venue - www.yorkshirefairs.co.uk/dates.asp .

On another subect, I recently took some images at a train station; for a nature article believe it or not.. Although I wasn't stopped by anyone on this particular day, it reminded me of the problems that photographers can face. I remember one day a few years ago, photographing a building in the centre of Leeds and being asked to move on by a security guard. Things have gone a little too far I think, so just bear this in mind. If it's possible to work without a tripod it can make a big difference - that three legged companion seems to make people immediately suspicious. Of course if you were a terrorist, I doubt you'd be taking pictures in broad daylight with a tripod, but there you go...

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