23 June 2010

A Misty Morning by the Lake

An early start this morning at 4 a.m. and another visit to my favourite patch of water near Fairburn Ings, Yorkshire - to photograph wildfowl. The early start was well worth it and I was treated to some wonderful conditions with a subtle blanket of mist hanging above the water.

Although the light rarely broke, the conditions were still good for capturing some more swan portraits. Shot from ground level, the best opportunities are typically where a single bird swims head on towards the camera. This happens frequently and there is no need to provide any food at all to coax them to perform. In fact throwing out tons of food only leads to a frenzy of birds and a loss of calm reflections... not to mention the difficulty of isolating single birds in the mellee.
I'm still waiting for that 'perfect' swan picture, but the early morning conditions made for some relaxing wildlife photography.


  1. Wow! Beautiful swan pictures. Very inspiring..!

  2. Hi all,

    Wow! Really you have taken nice shots of swans in water. Swan is any of various large, long-necked water birds. It is one of the largest, fastest swimming and fastest flying waterfowl, and one of the longest living birds in general. Thanks a lot.....