27 September 2010

Photographing Hedgehogs

Another visit to the local hedgehog sanctuary - they don't deal in anything else: just hedgehogs. As always it's great fun to get so close to these little mammals and I spent a good couple of hours following different hedgehogs around this urban back garden. I decided to use flash photography for these shots to make them look like they were taken at night... I experimented a bit first with my Metz CL4 flashgun; quite a beast and something I've hardly ever used. I placed a clear bag over the flash to soften the lighting - and you can definitely tell the difference. I couldn't help myself where plant pots were concerned... it may look a little twee but these type of shots continue to sell. One of the most fascinating things is to see a hedgehog annointing - they bascially create a smelly saliva mixture and lick themselves. No one apparently knows why, but it's great to get a shot of it! This one adopting a great pose whilst licking..!

And my day was finally complete as I turned my head from the viewfinder to find a baby hedgehog licking my arm... I feel well and truly honoured..!! Hope to get back for some more mammal photography; I've learnt a lot from this visit about the best way to shoot them...


  1. Awe!! Aren't they sweet..!

  2. Great pictures Paul - as always.

  3. Hi all,

    Really, you have created a nice site. A hedgehog is a small animal covered with a thick coat of sharp spines. It sleeps in small burrows or nest of grass and tangled leaves under shrubs, rocks or hollow logs during the day and comes out at night to eat insects. Thanks a lot....