03 December 2010

Winter Wildlife Photography

A couple of days ago I spent an incredible morning photographing the deer at Studley Deer Park near Ripon, as part of a 1:1 photography day with a client. The conditions were magical and we both got some stunning shots of the deer amidst the falling snow. Some of my shots were taken at ISO 800 where I had to hand-hold. Otherwise, I was able to make use of a tree to brace the camera and then reduce the ISO. The falling snow really adds to these wintry portaits. Every so often we would see two young males without antlers - kicking up the snow as they balanced on hind legs to box one another. What a privilege to capture this on camera.!!

Certainly a memorable day of deer photography and some of the best winter wildlife photographs I've ever taken.!


  1. beautiful pictures Paul!

  2. OOOO MANNNNN I'm so jalous off those shots. Darn it... Wished I had taken them... They are STUNNING!!!!! The one with the two dancing around, gorgeous. I was shooting up in Lancashire today... Minus 12, boy, cold it was. Good tips to photograph in the cold weather. Thanks for the tips. The shot of the deer are moutwatheringly beautiful... I'm off to Fountains tomorrow, heard that the works on the pond are finished. If we don't go out and shoot now we never will....

  3. The deer are 3 female sika deer and 1 stag sika
    hope this helps kevin fewkes

  4. Love the third shot down. Like the way the antlers and the branches look the same and you've caught him perfectly. Worth freezing your backside off for!

  5. Hi,

    This site is about winter wildlife photography, the above photos are deers at Studley deer park. They are happy with their friends. Thanks a lot...

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