01 December 2011

Perfect Light for Landscape Photography

When I first set up this photography blog, I did so with the aim of posting wildlife and landscape photos. As it happens I seem to end up almost always posting something wildlife related - perhaps there's just more to talk about! That said, I still spend a lot of time photographing landscapes in the Yorkshire Dales - for magazines, article and my picture library .

This image were taken at Gordale in Malhamdale in the Yorkshire Dales, just as the sun was rising above the horizon to illuminate the hill top.
It's a real cliche, but when it comes to landscape photography, light is key. In particular this is true of Gordale Scar. I had never had a proper go at photographing Gordale Scar - it's always difficult for the light. The sun only reaches the whole scene during midday - and too much contrast can be a major problem. However, on this cold winter morning the conditions were just about perfect. The hour or so I spent photographing in the valley bottom proved to be a masterclass in lighting - and a reminder of what landscape photography is all about.
With strong winds and moving clouds, the weak winter sun would momentarily cast soft light on the scene whilst still creating shadows in the background. With the sun behind me I had no need for a polariser - and the cloud filled sky was dark enough to maintain detail without using a graduated filter. An image photographed in natural light with no filters. This is quite rare in my landscapes - but when the conditions are right, the conditions are right...

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