03 June 2012

Marketing Wildlife Photographs

Sometimes you just know when you have a special image. The wildlife photo below was taken by chance, one particularly cold May morning at RSPB Fairburn Ings reserve in Yorkshire; I was actually on my way to photograph something else, but knew I couldn't miss this opportunity to capture something quite stunning.

Perhaps as interesting as the picture itself is the power of the internet and social media in reaching a wide audience quickly. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social media sites can generate incredible interest in photographs and website traffic as a result. These swallows quickly found themselves in a number of local newspapers ,  the Telegraph and on local BBC news. They were also  picked up by further news sites and web articles, leading to a great deal of online exposure.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this image and those who ordered a print. It's much appreciated!!


  1. Interesting work. You can use this photography in calendar printing.

  2. C.Taylor, you are right this snaps can be used for calendar..

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