03 July 2012

Nature Photography Workshop - planning for 2013

I'm currently working on my nature photography courses programme for 2013. Any suggestions are very welcome - it's always good to know ideas that people have and improvements that can be made. If readers of this blog have any suggestions for wildlife subjects, specific locations or settings, or anything else.. please feel free to get in touch or comment on this post. Most workshops will be in Yorkshire.

Next year I will be running farmland wildlife workshops and hopefully a winter red kite shoot on private land. I'm also looking into Martin Mere and there may even be the chance of offering red squirrels...  Everything is dependent on location and reliability in order to provide the best opportunities possible for photographers.

Lots of time in the office this week - but at least I'm not missing out on the weather.!!


  1. Red kites would be good, especially on a smaller scale thah Gigrin, amazing a spectacle as that is. Red squirrels are always fun, and I'd probably be up for Martin Mere just on nostalgia grounds.

    In terms of other suggestions, Black Grouse, hare, and water vole(!!) would all be of interest. Also, if you had a reliable site for wild owls (barn, tawny, short-eared, long-eared, little, whatever), then I think I'd be interested.

  2. Thanks for that Craig. Should be able to do the red kites and Martin Mere. Will bear your suggesions in mind. Obviously I'm hoping to do the water voles... another location may be an option.

    Long eared owls should be a good opportunity for next spring/early summer.