24 August 2012

Who's your Favourite Wildlife Photographer?

I'll let you in on a secret: I don't think I'm the best wildlife photographer in the country. I say that because up until recently I've been reluctant to mention other photographers too much - it's competition after all..   But the reality is, I've admired a number of nature photographers for many years, and some more recently.

I especially thank Neil Mcintyre and Niall Benvie, both who have given me plenty advice and have always been friendly and helpful. There's many other names out there, some more familiar than others: Danny Green, Mark Sisson, Mark Hamblin, Pete Cairns, Ben Hall, Ross Hoddinott, Mike Lane and Dave Kjaer.. I enjoy the work of all of them. For sheer quality, Guy Edwardes is one of my favourites... and for an individual who really inspires me - that would have to be Andrew Parkinson, a wildlife photographer who's really setting the bar in my opinion.

So who's your favourite wildlife photographer, and why..? Why not stick a comment at the bottom and let me know..

Thanks for reading.


  1. My favourite photographer is Danny Green, his images just blow me away. He is a master of the light, and always seems to portray his subjects so beautifully and has exquisite composition. He also seeks to create something a little different from his contemporaries, and as well as all this, he's such a nice bloke!

  2. Would agree with you - Danny has some truly wonderful work, often creating images with an intimacy that can only be achieved when you have a real passion for your subject. Haven't met him, but everyone tells me he's a lovely guy..!

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  4. Well, the photographers work, concepts, images, passion, drive, commitment and give back are:
    Stu Porter,http://www.wild4photographicsafaris.com/
    incredible images with beautiful connections to the magnificent natural world.
    Andy Rouse - for the same and the 'art' in his more recent wildlife images and most recent book
    Steve Bloom for an almost documentary style approach to his work...whartever subject he takes on
    Guy Edwards for the best macro shots I have ever seen - not too close, not to far away...perfect. Hos dedication and hours and travelling to get the shot (see his diaries) and masterful technical brilliance are a real inspiration
    Nick Brandt www.nickbrandt.com/ for the absolute ART in his full format images, skill and sticking at a game plan despite the adversity he has been through re geeks critisising his work...and then...trying to copy! To me the Ansel Adams of the animal world.
    There are many - all an inspiration. I'm glad yoy Paul, Natural Light, John Potter all have helped me to use the camera to help translate what I feel and see to actual images I can now start to be proud of.