23 December 2012

Connecting with Nature...

Connecting With Nature: what does that really mean..? 

I try to keep my blog posts strictly to nature photography but for me, the importance of connecting to nature compels me write this post. I honestly believe we are not just born on this earth but we are in some way, part of it. I don't think it's any surprise that those individuals who appear to be more spiritual, intuitive and more caring.. often have a true love of the natural world. Nature is all around us and we are part of it. The deep love and fulfillment that I experience when being with Nature cannot be rivaled by anything else. The rush of energy, the satisfaction, the sheer joy... all caused by our natural world.

Settling down and taking your time is always the best way to enjoy Nature. Sure, you can have exciting views on a brief trip to some exotic wildlife rich location, but it isn't the same as spending time watching and waiting and getting to know your subject. This is when you really connect. You feel as if you are being let into Nature's world; it is now more than just a glimpse... it is a very real understanding of what you are watching... and ultimately - a true connection. This can be with the most common of subjects. It really doesn't matter..

Wildlife photographer David Slater has written some excellent articles on this this subject - and also the spiritual side of connecting to Nature. Read his thought provoking posts at David Slater's BLOG page  Much of David's experiences and his wonderful wildlife photographs come from spending time close to his home in the Forest of Dean.

Wishing all my readers much more than a Merry Christmas.. A peaceful and soulful season - hopefully with some wonderful wildlife sightings that will rival any Christmas present.!! 

All the best everyone.

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