28 June 2013

Mute Swan with Cygnets

Mute Swan with Cygnets by Paul Miguel
Mute Swan with Cygnets, a photo by Paul Miguel on Flickr.
This was such a delight to see. Three young cygnets all hitching a ride on the back of their mother. Eventually she slowed down and then began to bathe. The youngsters stayed on briefly, but then were virtually thrown off as she began to thrash around and preen.

This was really tricky to photograph. My main concern was not blowing out the highlights so, as often, I used manual to adjust the exposure. Where to focus was a problem - I wanted all birds sharp, but particularly the adult's head. I increased the ISO to give me more depth of field and also a fast shutter speed as I was shooting hand-held. This was shot at around ISO 250, f8 at 1/1250 second - good all round settings to keep everything sharp but not too noisy. This shot was a real bonus as it captured some movement from the adult, and all three cygnets were parallel... a dream shot!!

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