20 July 2013

Barley at twilight

Barley at twilight by Paul Miguel
Barley at twilight, a photo by Paul Miguel on Flickr.

It's a while since I've done this type of photography as I'm concentrating much more on wildlife these days.

Farmland provides some of the most distinctive images of the British countryside, but it's hard to do it justice. With a clear evening forecast I used the colours of twilight, and the still conditions, to create an evocative scene at the edge of a ripening barley field.

Photographed with a standard wide zoom and a 4 stop ND graduated filter. I got down low for this image and zoomed in to create a tight crop. Shot at about one and a half seconds at f11 on tripod. Photographically very simple to do - it all relies on good light and finding the strongest compositions.

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