12 April 2011

Wildlife Photography on the Farm

Farmland wildlife is an ongoing passion of mine and I have spent many hours over the years learning about the habits of the animals that live on a local farm - in particular brown hare and roe deer. Taken this morning, these pictures show that I am finally getting close to capturing some intimate images:
A roe buck wanders past one of the straw bales - pefectly relaxed.

Hares have always been a real favourite of mine which made today's encounter even more special. Lying on the ground in camouflage I was suddenly joined by up to 6 hares as they chased each other in circles; running, jumping - and momentarily stopping, allowing me to get some low level portraits.

I think I may have actually cracked it! I know what works, so it's a case of trying it again and being ready. Let's just hope the hares are still bounding with energy..!


  1. nice one mate! you have a great eye for wildlife photography. that first hare is stunning.

  2. Hello friends,

    Hares are very fast-moving. The European brown hare can run at speeds of up to 72 km/h. They live solitarily or in pairs, while a drove is the collective noun for a group of hares. Their bodies are capable of absorbing the g-force produced while running at extreme speeds or while escaping predators. Thanks for sharing it.....