23 July 2011

My first Water Vole Photos!!

This morning was incredibly exciting for me. It was my second visit to a water vole site, and one that is excellent for photography. I've wanted to photograph these little mammals for ages, so to find such a workable spot is a dream come true; and it's only 20 minutes drive away..  The voles seem fairly active, and although I've only seen one at a time, I definitley saw different individuals.

They are a delight to spend time with. I had some views so close I couldn't quite believe it - and I was lucky enough to watch some natural behaviour too. I love to watch them swim - it's funny watching them with their heads above the water - but boy can they shift..!  Hopefully back tomorrow morning and then I will see what I can get over the next couple of months. Can't wait for some good light and beautiful reflections - that will really make the shots work..


  1. these are great. they are so cute!!

  2. Cool photography Paul, can't wait to see more!

  3. How exciting! You got some great captures!

  4. Hello Dude,

    The water vole is the largest North American vole. It is found in the northwestern United States and southern parts of western Canada. These animals have gray-brown or red-brown fur with gray underparts. Their large hind feet help make them excellent swimmers. Thanks a lot.....

    Wildlife Photographer

  5. Gorgeous shots Paul. Workshop please! :-)