09 July 2011

Photographing Red Squirrels

I actually photographed these red squirrels back in March, but it's taken me til now to process the images. At a private site I had the privilege of spending almost a whole day with a small group of reds, at the edge of a pine wood. These squirrels are so confiding that some would scamper right past my feet - I even had one that took an interest in my camera bag..! They really are one of the most beautiful of all our British wildlife - so dainty; so nimble, and a wonderful character.

Many thanks to the landowner for allowing me to spend time photographing these wonderful little mammals - it is much appreciated.

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  1. Hello all,

    The red squirrel is a species of tree squirrel in the genus Sciurus common throughout Eurasia. The red squirrel has a typical head and body length of 19 to 23 cm, a tail length of 15 to 20 cm and a mass of 250 to 340 g. The coat of the red squirrel varies in colour with time of year and location. Thanks a lot.......