28 March 2012

Curlews in the Fog

After half an hour sat in the car in semi-sleep, I decided I might as well get out and take my chances. The fog was so thick that visibility must have been down to about thirty feet. Still, I had bothered to drive here, so it was a waste not to try something. Walking slowly through the fields, I saw little, apart from the occasional woodpigeon or flock of crows resting in the tree tops. Suddenly I heard one of the most distinctive calls in my memory banks; that of the curlew. I turned quickly to see a lone bird appear out of the fog, calling as he flew past.

Around twenty minutes later I was treated to an even better sight - a pair of curlews that did a circuit around the field, giving me ample time to compose and track them in flight. The dense fog made for an interesting low contrast image, and great atmosphere.

I am currently looking to arrange farmland wildlife photography workshops on this farm in Yorkshire so watch this space or keep an eye on my photography course website www.naturephotographycourses.co.uk

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