02 April 2012

I Love Wildlife Photography !!

It's been a crazy week! Three workshops in three days, and my own photography squeezed in too. Nice to catch up on a little sleep this morning!! Back on the farm I'm getting more opportunities with my spring hares and I was treated to a wonderful view of a roe buck chasing a female along the brow of a set aside field. There were in fact three: two females and a male. It was an exciting few minutes as they chased each other and frolicked around before returning to the wood.

After a 1:1 workshop I was able to spend a couple of hours up on the moors of Swaledale with some amazing grouse activity. My client during the day achived some stunning pictures - red grouse, lapwing, curlew, meadow pipit - and golden plover!! The grouse were particularly active with much posturing and rival males sizing one another up. My highlight was a very obliging female who pecked happily at the heather, just feet away from the car. I had so much time to adjust the exposure I couldn't believe it. Shot at around 1/200 second at ISO 250 I also decreased the aperture to around F8 for a little more depth of field. The backlighting was wonderfully soft and I used a little fill-in-flash to brighten up the shadows. This is probably my favourite type of lighting for wildlife photography.

 There wasn't just grouse up on these Yorkshire moors. Plenty of other birds too: lapwing, curlew, an obliging golden plover.. and even a short eared owl - all in the georgous low evening light.

 These are the type of images that can be taken on my wildlife photography courses in Yorkshire


  1. Wonderful pictures Paul. Keep up the good work!

  2. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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  3. Thanks Altax. Much appreciated.