05 April 2012

Red grouse flying above snow

Being buffeted my strong winds on Grinton Moor made it tough to hold the camera steady. This was the only image that was sharp enough.


  1. Hi Paul, theser landscape shots are spot on. Excellent work. Lets forget the equipment for a moment...fab compositions...especially 2 in one season, daffodils and snow. Love the use of low and wider angle lens here.Good choice of equipment used for all and the idea to ditch the poloriser a really good one. Great you had the time tio set up..timing and research and location so importansd behingd the light. Sharp grouse in flight. Another very good one by you. Perfect exposure and composition. Really looking forward to the next wildlife workshop with you.
    Kind regards,
    Robert Dutton

  2. Cheers Rob, The April snow was a real shock... spent hours driving round for photo opportunities being constantly frustrated. The landscapes at Reeth weren't my first choice but the light was just perfect. I got a bit lucky with the grouse but did well with the exposure. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow. In fact.. it's often like that! Nature usually makes the plans..