09 February 2013

Winter Bird of Prey Photography Workshop

Photographing even captive birds of prey isn't easy. It's always a challenge to make them look natural whilst keeping the overall impact. Today's Winter Bird of Prey Photography Workshop was close to Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The setting is a good one - particularly for owls, with plenty of woodland, fence posts and appropriate perches. I always try to make the settings as natural as possible. For the little owl and barn owl we used a makeshift fence - a normal perch for these little hunters.
Our male merlin was a real stunner. We were able to use a dead house sparrow as prey and spent around fifteen minutes photographing him as he plucked and ate. Finding the appropriate setting for this bird is a little more difficult - but possible with a bit of ingenuity..!

What seemed to be the favourite of the bird of prey day was this beautiful tawny owl. We found the perfect setting for him at the edge of woodland. Soft light was still reaching the wood, lighting the owl and providing a lovely natural backdrop.

These raptor photographic workshops offer a unique opportunity to photograph a range of British species in natural settings - falcons, hawks eagles and owls.  Birds of Prey Displays know exactly what wildlife photographers are after and are fantastic to work with. To read more about these days View Birds of Prey Photography Courses

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  1. Excellent work here. Great set ups. They look very natural indeed.