17 February 2013

Grey Heron in flight

Grey Heron in flight by Paul Miguel
Grey Heron in flight, a photo by Paul Miguel on Flickr.

A Grey Heron flying around its nesting site. For these type of flight shots you really need a decent blue sky and some good light. I got both today, so the rest was up to me (and the heron..!). This was shot with one of my most common combinations - a 300mm and 1.4 x extender. With good light and a nice clear backdrop, I was able to shoot at ISO 400 and get a shutter speed of 1/1250 with an aperture of f7.1. These are the ideal settings for this type of work: a fast shutter speed, but some more depth of field too. In fact, with birds like this that fly relatively slow, you can get away with slower shutter speeds provided your technique is sound.

Looking forward to seeing these herons again when they have chicks.

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