10 March 2013

Reflection Pool almost Ready!

As an addition to my Wildlife Photography Courses in Yorkshire, I decided to set up a reflection pool for bird photography. After my first attempt and managing some cracking Jay Images I decided to alter things in order to bring in more of the smaller birds. I say alter things; In fact, this meant building an entirely new reflection pool in the next field.! Yes, it's a lot of effort, but already it's looking like the right decision. With a few feeders hung up, the birds are now regularly feeding close to the pool. A little more tinkering and they will be coming to my specific perches. It's all very exciting..! Yes, I do get excited by blue tits and robins.. I don't think that will ever change, and if it does.. it's time to hang up my camera.

Birds that are regularly down in my little corner include: blue tit, great tit, long tailed tit (a big favourite.!), robin, dunnock, blackbird, bullfinch, chaffinch and jay. Oh.... and the cheeky cock pheasant that's hanging around too.!

I will keep everyone posted on how it's going and also post a blog on how I built the pool. One of my aims is to provide nesting material at the pool edge during the Spring months which would make for stunning images. The hide will be available to hire soon and for workshops. Price is not confirmed, but will be around £70 for at least half a day.

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