08 January 2012

Flickr Nature Photography Group

Short Eared Owl ~ Asio flammeusShort Eared Owl ~ Asio FlammeusFeeding jetty at RSPB Fairburn IngsSplahing about at RSPB Fairburn IngsMarquetry Owl at RSPB Fairburn IngsWed Bewwies!
Primrose Valley Cliff Tops #4Filey HarbourPrimrose Valley Cliff Tops #2Demon Spider!Harewood HouseBarn Owl at sunset
Female Tufted DuckIlkley MoorHebers GhyllBlack Headed Gull washingLong-eared owlLittle owl
Long-eared owlLong-eared owlGolden/Steppe Eagle HybridGolden/Steppe Eagle HybridBarn owlHarewood Landscape

My Nature Photography Flickr Group is now updated: anyone who has attended at least one of my courses can post any nature image of theirs they wish.

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  1. Beautiful images, stunning close ups, well done.