16 January 2012

Gull Tossing..!!

This fantastic wildlife photo was taken by Iain Leadley on Saturday's photography workshop at Fairburn Ings, West Yorkshire. We were blessed with stunning winter weather, starting with a hard frost - and a blue sky which remained all day; proper winter weather at last! The conditions allowed us to have a go at some flight photography of black headed gulls with a deep blue sky as a backdrop. I think I may have also invented a new pastime - gull tossing..! With everyone ready at the lake edge I began tossing lumps of bread into the air, knowing that the birds would try to catch them in mid flight..! This shot shows a gull just about to catch a piece. The acrobatics are quite amazing... and it's good fun too!! Well done to Iain for getting this shot; the pose of the bird is lovely - and I like the use of the trees too. A quallity wildlife shot with impact and bold colour.

My next half day nature photography course at Fairburn will be at the end of April when we'll be concentrating on spring flowers and insects. Thanks to everyone for great company. Hope to see some of you again.!

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