07 January 2012

Maybe the light's not so bad afterall..?

One of the good things about doing photography workshops is that it often teaches you to see things in a new light. Today's winter workshop was one of truly wild weather, up on the tops of Ilkley Moor. This is an exposed place at the best of times - but today we really felt the extremes. I decided we would start by visiting the small waterfalls at Hebers Ghyll - a much more sheltered location to say the least! After spotting a good composition, I was surprised at just how well Steve's camera recorded the colour and detail... in what was pretty poor light. Although the light could have been better, we still achieved reasonable shots when using a polariser to boost the colours.
 My shot of Hebers Ghyll - taken with a 18 - 50mm lens and P series polarising filter

Later on we photographed at Backstone Beck on Ilkley Moor - using the bridge, water and surrounding bracken to create pleasing compositions. Steve's shots looked so good that I couldn't resist, so I bagged myself a couple. I've always been one for soft light, but I really didn't think there would be enough light to carry this image off. Looking on the screen I was pleased with the results; the sky complimented the scene well, and the colour of the bracken made the shot worth taking. A little bit of light on the distant side of the valley also lifted the image. No polariser, just a simple grad, with the foreground completely under an overcast grey sky. On my own I doubt if I would have taken the photo at all. A good lesson to at least 'give it a go'...
Ilkley Moor is the setting for my new half day landscape photography courses. These are ideal for beginners - and more affordable too! The dates in May and August start in the afternoon and finish at the end of the day to give the best chance of sunset and twilight photography at an iconic Yorkshire location. Details can be found at Beginners Landscape Courses

Thanks for your enthusiasm Steve - and for being so easy to teach..!

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